Lower School

Assistant Headteacher: Clare Jaques

Within the Lower School we aim to lay down the foundations for all future learning. We do this through learning outcomes that build on each child’s past knowledge and understanding, fully encouraging each child to find out about his/her world.

We will endeavour to:

  • Foster personal, social and emotional well being.
  • Promote positive attitudes to learning.
  • Enhance social skills.
  • Promote attention skills and persistence.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which each child will thrive.
  • To provide each child with individual programmes of learning which, involve observation, base-lining, target setting and regular monitoring.
  • To review each child’s statement yearly.
  • To provide a curriculum which promotes personalised learning in each curriculum area and is achieved through play, direct experience and a variety of teaching methods.
  • To work with parents and keep them fully informed of their child’s achievement and needs.
  • To provide an environment that promotes equality of opportunity and enables each child to have a positive image of his/her gender, race and beliefs.

Read more in our handbook:

Organisation and Activities

The Lower School is organised into five classes. Each class takes around twelve pupils supported by at least one teacher and two teaching assistants. The department also has a Home School Link Worker.

All pupils follow the full range of National Curriculum subjects delivered at an appropriate level using different approaches suited to individual pupils’ preferred learning styles.

Most work is class based except for ICT, PE, Food Technology and Science which are delivered in Specialist Areas. All classes are given time each year devoted to Forest School themes.

Many activities take place outside school, with weekly swimming lessons, games at Aston Villa and Donkey riding. Other visits take place throughout the year. Pupils also take part in the Learning Away curriculum initiative working with pupils from other local primary schools within the Pilot Partnership which promotes learning through residential and outdoor activities.