School Council

Each department has a School Council made up of pupils elected by their peers. Each class elects two pupils to the council, who meet every half term. Our School Councils aim to: give pupils an opportunity to look at things in school; raise any issues and concerns they might have; and, make the school a better place.

The Councils are inclusive and open to all pupils to bring forward agenda items or to be elected as council members. Some pupils will be supported in their participation by adult facilitators.

Above all the School Councils give pupils an opportunity to have a constructive input into the daily life of the school community. Items that might be discussed include:

  • School outings and residential activities.
  • School equipment and facilities.
  • Lunch time activities.
  • Bullying.
  • School Meals.
  • Community Issues.
  • Non-uniform days.
  • School and Community Fundraising, and identifying good causes.
  • Activities after school.
  • Curriculum issues and Enrichment activities.
  • School competitions.

The Sixth form Council consists of the Head Boy, Head Girl, their deputies and all students in the department.

The remit for this group includes:

  • Planning the annual Bilberry Hill Residential.
  • Developing enterprise activities.
  • Identifying peer mentors.
  • Fundraising for the school prom.
  • Activities to support good causes.