Vocational Learning

Vocational Learning

Over the course of their time within the school students will be able to actively experience bricklaying, painting and decorating, carpentry, catering, media and office skills, hair and beauty, jewellery making, and horticulture. Some of these activities also lend themselves to supporting the development of new enterprise related activities.

These activities have been put together with the support and staffing of Kingsbury Training who have provided the school with tutors in bricklaying, carpentry, and painting and decorating. ‘The Pump’ in Kitts Green has been the setting for catering and hair and beauty as well as providing the school with the services of a practicing chef. In fact the school is blessed with the services of its own chef and a range of talented teachers and teaching assistants able to bring their vast experience outside school and in previous careers to the benefit of our students.

Students will be able to achieve a range of accredited qualifications through these vocational experiences including City and Guilds, ASDAN awards and the OCR Life and Living Skills awards.

This new offer would not have been possible without the professional and financial support of schools and colleagues from the East Birmingham Network.

Student Comments

“On a Friday we can choose jewellery making, hair and beauty, bricklaying, painting and decorating, carpentry, landscaping and catering and hospitality.” by Laura

“I do painting and decorating. We are scraping the walls down and sanding them down, also the skirting boards. We are doing it in the caretaker’s house. We are going to paint it next. We have just started. We like it. Mike from Kingsbury teaches us about it.” by Shaun and Thomas

“We are doing catering with Chris the chef at the Pump. We have served in the Pump café. Tomorrow we are making sandwiches. We’re going to do invitations and invite people. At the end we’ll get a certificate.” by Emma and Leanne

“I have been doing hair and beauty, it is cool. We are learning how to put people’s make up on. We have used hair spray and styled hair.” by Paresh

“I am doing bricklaying. We have been moving bricks onto main site. We are going to build planters and we’ve made a little wall. I like it because I’ll be able to do it when I’m older.” by Philip