School Uniform

The school expects all pupils to wear the following school uniform:

  • Navy blue sweatshirt or jumper
  • White shirt, blouse or t-shirt
  • Black, navy blue or grey trousers or skirt
  • Black shoes or trainers.

School sweatshirts, cardigans and Polo shirts are available for sale online and can be delivered to school for collection. Pupils will not be allowed to wear tracksuits and jeans around school for their normal lessons.

Parents are asked to supply their child with a swimming costume and towel for weekly swimming and/or hydrotherapy sessions. Swimming is compulsory for pupils in Key Stage 2.

If you feel that your child may require a change of clothes during the course of the day, it may be advisable for us to keep a spare set in school and we would appreciate it if you could send the necessary items to us via your bus guide. A limited amount of clothing is kept in school for emergency purposes. Soiled items of clothing are securely bagged in school and returned to you at the end of the day. To avoid losses, we would ask you please to ensure that all clothing is clearly named.

Uniform Suppliers

Our uniform can be purchased from the following suppliers:

School Transport

When children who attend Hallmoor School are eligible for home/school transport this is organised by Travel Assist. The school does not organise the timing of transport to and from school.

Some of our children are brought to school by their parents/carer; however, the majority arrive at school on home to school transport. For us this consists of a fleet of mini buses provided and driven by a range of contractors procured by the Local Education Authority for this purpose.

All drivers are trained in safely securing wheelchairs with clamps onto the buses. They are also very experienced in ensuring that our children who are wheelchair users are safely fastened in their wheelchairs for safe travel. Booster seats and other aids may also be used for safe transportation of our other more mobile children.

All of the buses have at least one escort for the children. As our children come from all areas of Birmingham the logistics of this are extremely complicated and when new pupils are admitted it does sometimes cause changes to the routes, which are unavoidable.

For more information please contact Travel Assist on 0121 303 4955 or see their website at

You can also access information from the Birmingham City Council website regarding ‘Specialised transport for pupils with learning difficulties or disabilities’ by clicking here

Home School Agreement

SENDIASS Information

Health Provision

Continence Management Materials

If a child is using incontinence padding/nappies and require changing during the school day,  parents and carers should send into school in advance a supplies of wipes, nappies and lotions sufficient to meet their needs on a weekly basis.

Accidental Injury in School

If your child sustains an accidental injury in school, a first aider will advise us on the best course of action to take. If the injury is minor, you will be informed by telephone or by letter when your child returns home. If the injury is more serious you will be informed immediately by telephone. Should your child need to go home or to hospital, arrangements will be made.

School Nurses

School nurses are provided by the Birmingham Community Health NHS Trust.

The school nurse is able to offer help and support to families, as well as advice to the school to enable us to meet your child’s health needs. They liaise with other medical professionals who may be involved with meeting your child’s health needs.

Hospital Appointments

Pupils frequently have to attend clinics or hospitals for a variety of reasons. If your child has a hospital appointment, we would ask you please to let us know as far in advance as possible and keep the time taken off school to an absolute minimum.


When sending medicines to school we would ask you please to hand them to your child’s bus guide, or deliver them to school yourself. Please do not put them in your child’s pocket or school bag – they may get lost or forgotten.
Please make sure that medicine containers are clearly marked with your child’s name, the correct dosage, the time when the medicine should be given, the date and the name of the medicine.
If your child requires medication both at home and at school, it may be helpful to ask your doctor for two prescriptions, one for use at school and the other for home. This avoids having to carry medicines to and from school every day.


The Community Paediatric Physiotherapy Team may visit our school.
In addition to providing treatment for specific pupils attending the school, members of the team also may treat and assess children at home should this be required.

School Clinics

Periodically the school nurse will arrange a clinic for the school doctor and a number of pupils will be examined.
Pupils will be seen in accordance with their needs and parents are expected to attend the appointment with their child. Parents may refer to the service for more frequent appointments if they are in any way concerned as to their child’s medical condition or general health.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is provided  following a successful referral to the service.
In addition to dealing with speech and language difficulties the speech therapist may advise on feeding and drinking difficulties.